Are you always putting others first and feel like there’s nothing left for yourself? 

Wonder if it’ll ever be your turn…even now that the kids are out of the house?

What if in 10 minutes you can know that your best life IS possible?

Discover your Self Nurtured Woman within.

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The 3 Keys to Being a Self Nurtured Woman

Discover how you can become a self-nurtured woman!

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It’s time that women realize that you are way more creative, powerful, and have more capacity to love when you are really connected to self love.

It’s time for Moms to reset the communication in your home and not let things fester until they blow up.

It’s time for empty nest Moms to redefine yourself and reconnect with your desires and dreams.

It’s time to ask for support as well as giving it because that’s the world we’re creating together.

Whether your focus is working on a marriage, life after divorce, boundaries with adult children, or simply stepping back into that powerful dreamer you used to be, now is your time.

Move your needs from the back burner, and make yourself a priority to become a Self Nurtured Woman.

As women, when we find ourselves changing roles at different stages in life, we have opportunities to redesign our relationships…
starting with the inner one!

I know, I know. You want to fix your kids and your spouse or maybe an ex, and you’re probably tired of hearing about the safety briefing in airplanes to put your mask on first. You know you wouldn’t do it before getting your family safe. And that is just the problem. 

Mom is the glue that holds the family together, whatever that looks like for you. And as your family grows up and changes, your role and what you’re gluing together changes. Taking the time to reflect and examine what that means for you is essential for not just caring for your family but doing so even better than before—and with less effort.

The Self Nurtured Woman is a three-step, intuitive process that supports your energetic health so you can naturally build a life of joy and love.

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Feel it

Cultivate the confidence to process your emotions and be aligned with yourself.

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Heal it

Use compassion to soothe your own past hurts and let go of blame to make yourself lighter.

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Reveal it

Harness conscious creation to manifest your new inner calm in your outer world and set a dynamic for healthy communication, even if you ask for what you want and hear, “no.”

You’re a nurturer by nature. Let’s do it for yourself now.

You’re a nurturer by nature. Let’s do it for yourself now.

Don’t take my word for it!

Find out why clients rave about working with Carol

Carol was a great help in restoring my self confidence.

When I first went to see Carol I was struggling to take care of myself. My self confidence was at an all time low. I was newly sober and trying to deal with the underlying issues i had covered up for decades with alcohol. I had tried doing some online courses and reading self help books. Carol was a great help in restoring my self confidence.  She helped me to uncover some of the underlying issues that were preventing me from being my true self and she helped me release those past traumas that were holding me back. I am so much more confident and better prepared to deal with my feelings and emotions. I have learned to set boundaries and manage my expectations of others better.  I am in a much better place now having worked with Carol.


Carol is amazing!

Carol is amazing! I went to her for some energy clearing – specifically to get my finances in order. We had a productive session, and I got some good tips and tricks to use to help me with some things I am working on with myself. And yes, I felt GREAT afterward. I feel like that clearing really opened me up to possibilities that I never really considered previously. She’s awesome!