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“We should be teaching our girls to go to each other for support and to love themselves and speak up for themselves no matter what, and to use their intuition for what they know and what they should know. This starts with the mothers.”

—Carol Culver

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Hi, I’m Carol Culver, a holistic wellness expert-turned-transformational speaker and coach. 

I was a homemaker for many years and always interested in holistic wellness, so when my kids left the house, I launched that career. Then, we had another shift when my kids returned home after college, and I returned to doing all the laundry and cooking—PLUS running my successful business. 

This left me feeling depleted, unappreciated, and empty. My temper would flare, and this was good for no one. Through coaching, I realized that I was giving my power away and not valuing myself. I had all those negative feelings because I wasn’t connected to my self-love. 

This was a big shock to me, since I’m a nurturer by nature, it’s easy to miss it if you’re not also nurturing yourself. I took classes, attended seminars, and learned powerful tools that transformed my life. I became more confident to communicate my needs to my spouse, kids, and siblings and then hold space for them to give me an honest, “yes,” or, “no,” and be okay with either one.

I can’t keep these powerful tools to myself, which is why I created The Self Nurtured Woman signature framework. My best clients love how carefully I listen to them and how intuitive my insights are, plus when I throw in a holistic wellness tip. Because I’ve been there and understand what’s at stake in healing the relationships with those you love, my clients feel safe to tell me what’s really going on and what would truly make them feel their best. You, too, can feel better and live better.
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